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76 Competition 100 Racing Gasoline is a high quality unleaded gasoline is a high quality unleaded gasoline designed especially for the performance enthusiast who wants a high octane fuel. It is suitable for both racing purpose and high performance street vehicles. It will not harm catalytic converters or affect the oxygen sensors on late model engines . It has an octane rating (AKI) of 100 and can be used in engines with compression ratios up to 12 to 1 (with hardened valve seats).

76 Competion 100 Racing Gasoline meets all state and federal requirements for CARB PHASE ll and EPA reformulated gasoline (RFG) . It contains MTBE which is an oxygenate. This product may be sold and used in all 50 states.


76 Competion 100 Racing Gasoline is formulated from high octane gasoline blend stock and selected additives. It is highly resistant to detonations under high speed , high output conditions . Its low vapor pressure quality provides protection against vapor lock. Mid- range volatility is carefully controlled to give excellent warm-up , acceleration , and drive ability. The composition of this fuel is carefully controlled to deliver consistent , reproducible quality allowingg precise engine tuning for maximum performance.

76 Competition 100 Racing Gasoline burns cleanly , leaving little or no deposits, Allowing maximum engine power. The high quality stocks used in this gasoline make it very stable and resistant to gum formation. A multifuctional additive package provides carburetor and fuel injection detergency and minimizes the formation of intake valve deposits. Antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors promote stability and longer shelf life. This gasoline does not contain any lead additives or alcohols.


High performance vehicles such as formula cars and stock cars with up to a 12:1 Compression ratio with hardened valve seats.
Pre-1975 high compression ratio engine muscle cars (when used in conjunction with a valve recession additive ).
Luxury cars that demand a high octane fuel.
Late model marine engines requiring unleaded fuel.
Gasoline - fueled vehicles requiring unleaded gasoline , especially :


() Caution : Premature failure of valve seats can occur in some older model cars and in heavy duty vehicles running under heavy duty conditions for extended periods on unleaded gas . Use of a valve recession additive is recommended in the absence of hardened valve seats.

() Note : Use of this product alone in street vehicles may result in hard starting in cold weather.


Product Code 00231
Density ; g/cm @ 15C (60F) 0.748
Gravity ; API 57.5
Color Blue
Octane Number , AKI , (R+M) /2 100
Octane Number Motor 94
Octane Number , Research 106
Octane Number , Road 101
Reid Vapor Pressure , psi 6.8
Temperature @ V/L = 6 , C (F) 63 (145)
Distillation , C (F) @ % Evap.
Initial Boiling Point 36 (97)
10 63 (145)
50 101 (214)
90 118 (244)
End Point 138 (280)
Copper Corrosion , ASTM D130 1A
Doctor Test , ASTM D4952 Negative
Existent Gum , ASTM D381 , mg/100 ml 1.0
Oxidation Stability , ASTM D525 , minutes 1,440+
Aromatic , Volume % 28
Lead , g/gal <0.05
Oxygen , wt. % 2.7
Phosphorus , g/gal <0.005
Sulfur , wt % 0
Viscosity , cSt @ 16C (60F) 0.7